Update to our larger Boston Free Speech Community:

We have spent the last two-years holding public events and carrying out direct political activism around New England. Supporters and members who have taken part in our quarterly weekend conferences and other get-togethers are aware of our passion for Free Speech and our belief that we can not fall for the tactics of old and are always needing to grow and develop. BFS at our core is a youth street activism group. In our experiences, we have learned numerous vital lessons over the last 14 events we have organized and partaken in. We believe that police kettled – boomer protests are not a valuable way to express our fight for freedom of speech. We support and protect any group who has their human right to free speech attacked or suppressed. We will continue to take direct action anywhere, at any time to advance the cause that “All Speech Is Free Speech” and we will not limit our self and our beliefs. We have numerous private group gathering occurring in the next few months and several public direct actions. To get in contact with us, contact@bostonfreespeech.org

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