Boston Free Speech Anniversary March Against Far Left Violence August 18th 2018

On August 18th 2018, Boston Free Speech held The Anniversary March Against Far Left Violence in Boston. The march was almost exactly one year after the historical rally on the common that lead to the city being shut down, and violent leftists rioting in the streets. The march was a smashing success, and proved everything we wished to prove about the violent left, and their hatred of free speech in America. Leftists showed up en mass holding signs with violent imagery, and yelling slogans that incite violence against those they disagree with.

While one group of rally goers went to City Hall Plaza, in order to gather for the march, BFS Blue Bloc secured the area where the speakers would convene. Many people were turned away by the police while trying to get into the march due to the overwhelming amount of hatred, and bigotry being thrown at the rally goers. Just as it was last year, the rally was made up of a multicultural, group of people with political beliefs all over the spectrum.

The violent left, which was lead by people who have been arrested on different occasions for political violence, showed that hatred, and bigotry cannot be kept up for a long period of time. By the time the rally goers united with Blue Bloc in order to hold the speeches, almost none of the counter protesters followed. Their lack of stamina only proves that while their violence may be plentiful, and brutal, free speech, and the peaceful exchange of ideas will always outpace them. As history has shown us time, and again; violence, and hatred can only be kept up for so long before crumbling. Free speech is, and always will be forever, and individuals who value liberty will always be standing guard, ready to defend The First Amendment from violent terrorists.