DACA Counter Protest Boston Common – September 16 2017

On September 16, 2017, several leftist groups assembled in front of Boston’s historic State House to protest President Trump’s actions in reforming DACA. The protest was dwarfed in scale by the adjacent HempFest which was being held that weekend in Boston Common. Nonetheless, they had managed to occupy the street corner. Protestors lined the streets and the corner of Boston Common with signs and banners. They had amplifiers broadcasting a variety of leftist music, and chartered catering. A second contingent of protestors marched into the area from the Roxbury area, carrying more banners and flags. Members of Antifa were present to ‘defend the rally’. The notorious Salem-based group Witches Against Trump was also in attendance, doing binding spells against the Commander in Chief. All of the freaks of Boston were out on the Common under the stench of cannabis being bombarded with loud music from both events. It was an amazing spectacle

In response to this, members of Boston Free Speech decided to do some live interviews and some counter-protesting. The group arrived on Boston Common an began to record the scene. It started off peacefully, and we managed to have many constructive conversations with rally goers an representatives of various left wing groups in the community. For instance, we spoke with a union of schoolteachers who came out to support the rights of their undocumented students. We were able to express our views on sensible merit-based immigration, while the opposition defended chain migration and mass immigration.

Unfortunately, the civilized dialogue began to fall apart when Antifa got involved in the verbal confrontations. We began to discuss the failures of various communist regimes in the past, citing that these regimes stood for everything that Antifa hates. They were racist, homophobic, ultra-nationalist governments who muted the same rights that Antifa claims to advocate for. The Antifa supporters seemed to believe in a completely different set of facts, in which Fidel Castro defended the rights of gays in Cuba who had been placed in work camps, and Stalin murdered his political opponents because it was necessary to maintain a system which was beneficial to the proletariat.

One member from our group got separated and locked into a conversation with a different group of Antifa supporters. When he was isolated, they began to spit on him and stole his hat. When we saw what was going on, we rushed over to confront the group. The conflict nearly went to blows, but we were able to recover the hat and get and stop the violent Antifa supporters. One of the people involved in the battery of our friend was Sara Bilman, who has previously been arrested for violence at a rally in Worcester. At the 2018 May Day rally, she assaulted a homeless man and had to be subdued by members of Boston Free Speech. She is also vocal on social media in advocating violence against people she brands as fascists.

We resumed filming and interviews, and the remainder of the day passed without incident. One thing that stands out from the remaining conversations is that none of the leftists wanted to acknowledge that Trump is willing to compromise on DACA, granting amnesty to the people who are already benefiting from it. All they could reply with was that Trump is a racist. Hopefully, some of our interactions with these people gave them new insight or prompted them to do some independent research on the matter. The group dispersed before sun fall, and everyone got home safely, despite being followed and photographed by more members of Antifa. All in all, despite the escalation and near-violence, everyone had a good time. The small group of Boston Free Speech counter-protestors made a positive impact.