Defend the 2nd Amendment Rally / Counter Protest March For Our lives- March 24 2018

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” On March 24th, 2018 the nation and the world marched in an effort to strip law abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights. The “March for Our Lives” was organized following the Parkland school shooting and in response to similar tragedies in the past months. Students across the country marched to demand that their own rights be taken away and push the gun control agenda of the left. The leftist media as well as gun grabbing US congressmen and women used this march to conjure support for their gun control platforms and gave endless praise to the students who went out to support their cause. With funding from George Soros and other leftist millionaires, the march was able to transport thousands to take part. Almost every major city across the US and in places around the world, countless individuals marched to destroy the Second Amendment and their own freedoms. In Boston, however, as well as many other cities around the nation, there was a pushback. As the marchers descended on Boston for the Defend the 2nd Amendment Rally, members of Boston Free Speech clad in blue along with Resist Marxism, local militias, and countless other patriots stood ready to meet the incoming march and disrupt it. We organized at the steps of the Boston State House and gathered our members before we moved onto the Boston Common where the main events of the march were scheduled to take place. Patriotic spirits were high as our numbers swelled to well over a hundred, all standing ready to defend the rights they hold dear to their hearts. We were met almost immediately by AntiFa mustered less than ten demonstrators and had little effect on our rally. We moved onto the Common and stood on the hill just below the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in sight for all the marchers to see. Throughout the course of the day crowds swarmed around our demonstration some having thoughtful and whole-hearted debates about the Second Amendment and others just to obnoxiously yell at us.

We staged our demonstration for several hours and watched the march make its way onto the common. As we stood there toting our Gadsden Flags and posters, we sent a message that we were not going to give up our rights in the face of these marchers and leftist policies. We chanted, sang, and made big waves in the sea of marchers. After several hours we left the common and returned to the steps of the state house for the last stage of our rally. We continued to demonstrate for quite some time and send our political message and having discussions with marchers that gathered around us and of course, some still continued to scream obnoxiously and block our message but were unsuccessful. Our rally concluded, and we marched off with pride knowing the success we had that day.

    Boston Free Speech, as it says in our title, is an organization concerned with the preservation of freedom of speech and protection of the First Amendment. The Second Amendment is a crucial part of protecting free speech as well as all the other liberties we enjoy in this country. Once you lose the right to protect your own liberty you will lose all liberty. The banner we carried at our demonstration read “The Second Protects your Right to the First,” a message we fully embrace and is the reason why we were out there that day. During the rally, hundreds of marchers came up to us asking about our organization, the meaning of the symbol on our flag, our blue uniforms, and were generally curious to learn about us. This brought more attention to us and got more people to understand what Boston Free Speech is. We went home that night knowing we had taken a stand in preserving our own freedom and pushed back against those wishing to strip us of our rights.