Boston Free Speech Anniversary March Against Far-Left Violence Aug 18th 2018

Boston Free Speech Anniversary March Against Far-Left Violence

Last August Boston Free Speech hosted a gathering of people who simply wanted to exercise their free speech rights. The group consisted of people from all walks of life and all sides of the political spectrum. However, Mayor Marty Walsh and the fake news media waged a campaign of lies and slander against the group. Thousands of counter protestors were tricked into showing up to oppose us and shut down the event. The whole nation watched as people were violently assaulted by mobs, counter protestors fought with police, and the city forced the free speech group to evacuate the area in police vehicles.This year we are taking back the streets of Boston and will be hosting The Boston Free Speech Anniversary March on August 18th,  join us in revolting against censorship and hatred from the people in power. It’s time to stand up for liberty as our founding fathers once did and unite as Americans under one flag.

“Their hate can’t stop us”


Join us Noon at Boston City Hall.




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