Providence Rhode Island Freedom Rally – August 4th 2018

On August 4th 2018  Boston Free Speech’s Blue Bloc traveled down to Providence Rhode Island to support a Freedom Rally being hosted by local conservative groups. The rally had already been widely slandered by left  putting up posters all around the city lying to the public by claiming that “Nazis” were coming to Providence. Once again, already in full swing we saw the all-too-common tactic of using public deception and false labels as an excuse to call for censorship of free speech. When BFS arrived, the lines of confrontation had already been drawn in front of the state house. As usual, there was not a swastika in sight, but plenty of hammer-and-sickle flags on the other side.

No sooner had we arrived on scene when a know criminal Antifa member snuck up behind us and stole an American flag out of a BFS member’s hands, before the BFS member in question gave chase and quickly retrieved the flag from the aggressor. BFS Blue Bloc formed up with the defensive lines of other Patriots (mostly conservatives and libertarians) as black-clad Communists encircled the modest gathering. Slowly, step by step, the Communists inched forward in coordination. At no point did the few police officers present tell the advancing Antifa to stop moving forward or step back. The speakers turned on and Resist Marxism began the opening statements of their rally, competing with a deluge of noise from the Antifa which attempted to drown out the rally.

ProvidenceFreedomRally August 4th 2018 1

The violent left wing extremists continued encroaching and surrounding the gathering of Patriots until they  within arm’s reach of the tents protecting the events sound equipment from the heavy rain. Antifa first grabbed the tents from behind, others started grabbing equipment. Patriots immediately started physically defend themselves and protect their property. Groups of  mostly Communists in turn began to swarm, attempting to grab and beat whomever they could. Members of Boston Free Speech covered each other and pulled people back from the violent lefts clutches, holding Antifa at bay despite the enemy’s vastly superior numbers. Finally police started to break up fights and the two sides separated. By this point, Resist Marxism’s tents had been destroyed and most of the equipment was smashed.

 After the attack The Rhode Island State Police declared the permitted event unlawful and shut it down from the actions of Antifa. BFS continued to stand guard alongside the other Patriot groups as Resist Marxism picked up the pieces and packed up to leave. The police escorted the rally go’ers across the street to a mall, which they instructed the rally go’ers to enter and go to the parking garage. A group of Antifa managed to head around passed the police and ambush some of the rally go’ers crossing through the mall heading back to their vehicles. The perpetrator of this last assault was arrested. Some rally go’ers reported to having found their tires slashed when they arrived back at their vehicles. While tactics such as these have been used by Communist and Anarchist groups in many other parts of the country, this is the first time we have seen this level of naked aggression here in the North East. This merely reinforces our message that free speech is quite literally under attack in this country. And Boston Free Speech will continue to show up and oppose the far-left’s lies, hatred, and aggression. Antifa’s mistake is the belief that their “direct action” will at some point start to scare us away. The truth is, today highlighted another perfect example for why free speech needs defending. And we will continue to show up and defend free speech, no matter what force they throw at us.