Woman’s March Cambridge-January 20 2018

On January 20 2018, Women’s Day marches were held in major cities across the globe. These events consisted primarily of third wave feminists donning their ‘pussy hats’ and protesting the Trump administration. These protests were bankrolled and organized by groups who aim to deceive the public and present a very anti-women agenda. For example, Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center are listed as formal sponsors. According to the Washington Times, George Soros donated about $246 million to various groups that were working on this event (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/7/george-soros-gave-246-million-partners-womens-marc/).

            In response to this, members of Boston Free Speech and Resist Marxism decided to hold our own Women’s Day march right beside the original event. The response to these efforts was overwhelming. It had a major impact on the event, and garnered some media attention.

     The group initially confronted the main protest at Cambridge Common. They entered the park and began sending messages through their bullhorns. The crowd booed at the incoming American flags and the signs held by many counter-demonstrators. Despite lines of separation between the two sides formed by the police and a group called Veterans For Peace, the scene was quite chaotic. There was much vitriol being spouted by rally goers on both sides. Nonetheless, there were a few instances of constructive dialogue between members of both sides. After the very loud confrontation, the decision was made to move onto the campus of Harvard University so that our speakers could deliver their addresses without the interrupting voices of the Women’s March protesters This resulted in a second confrontation as a large contingency of the Women’s March followed our group to interrupt our speakers. Police stayed with them to maintain a line of separation. During this time, many verbal threats were made by the opposition, including references to the previous assault of an attendee by Antifa. Our first speaker began in front of them, amid much shouting from both sides. The opposition began disrupting the speech with chanting and sustained boos.  Once again, it was decided that in order for our rally goers to enjoy the speeches they were promised, we would relocate.We marched to the front of the Cambridge Public Library, where we were finally able to give our speeches in a calm environment. Members of the Workers World Party detached from their own rally to hear our speakers.

           Local activist Lily Marsden began with an address regarding the perils of collectivist thinking and identity politics in modern society. She argues that true liberation for women is individual sovereignty and free thought rather than adhering strictly to philosophies aimed at the female identity. Samson Racioppi is a candidate in the upcoming congressional election representing the 6th Congressional District of Massachusetts. He discussed the importance of education and training for young women so that they can learn to become economically and intellectually independent adults. Michael Moura is a candidate for . He gave a speech detailing the threats to women that are posed by progressive political policies. Ylva Morrigan is a pro-life activist who spoke about the social and economic pitfalls of government funded abortions. She contended that third wave feminism is not inclusive for women with pro-life stances, conservative beliefs in general, and traditional lifestyles.

The speeches were received well by the audience with a few exceptions. We had many interesting conversations with passersby. One unhinged man decided to get out of his car and physically threaten a rally goer because of his Trump flag, but he was quickly turned away. A group of rabble rousers from the Workers World Party attempted to trail our group as we dispersed from the area, but they were unable to corner anybody off.